The Pink Chick

The Pink Chick A single e-commerce site to power multiple shops, this client has always had very specific ideas for her web sites. Installed WooCommerce and configured over 500 virtual products on main site, configured a blog on a subdomain, and two single-page shop fronts. Pink Chick Psychic This client and I have worked together […]

The HOLA Foundation

A local outreach program for the arts, run predominantly by college students. This is an ongoing project.

Apple Sign & Awning

A local sign business needed an updated, secure website that was easier to update and was mobile-friendly.


A local event production company that needed a basic web site.

Boutique by Lily

A local clothing & jewelry boutique needed a functional e-commerce web site to function as their storefront. Shop is currently in the process of relocating the physical location and updating their online selection.

Heart of Gold Community Living

A new business just beginning to establish itself. A website was required to begin the process of establishing the business for licensing and insurance.