Everybody Needs A Geek

Everybody Needs A Geek - Let Me Be Yours! With over three decades of experience comes the knowledge of how to help YOUR business grow.
From your imagination to reality

I offer customized website solutions for your business

The internet is an undeniable part of our lives, and an intrinsic part of our businesses. more than 3 out of 4 consumers rank an internet presence as one of the top things to drive their trust (or distrust) about a business. This is one reason Everybody Needs A Geek!

Relax & Let Your Geek Take Care Of It

Together, we will build your ideal website

You have a vision, I know how to execute it. When computers and technology aren’t your thing, you need a geek!

Website Design

Whether you need a new site, a few updates, a refresh, or just to fix whatever isn't working - I can make it happen.


E-commerce has its own requirements, from payment gateways to security to SEO. It's all familiar territory for me.


Search engines and the mysterious ways they operate aren't so mysterious to me. I can help your site rank better organically.

Website Hosting

Once it's up and running, you need hosting and maintenance, SSL and backups and CDN and - this is why you hire a geek.

Social Media

Regular interaction on social media is critical to enhance your online reputation as a legitimate business. I can handle as much or as little of that as you like.


Ads, brochures, business cards and marketing materials of all sorts - I can provide you with print-ready files that promote your message, visual design and branding.

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your vision

Show me what you envision, and I'll help you go from a concept to reality. Let's get your online presence started right!

02 Set Budget & timeline

The trick is always getting it done on time and on budget. Experience has taught me how to help meet your deadlines.

03 Design & Content

We'll get the design you want, and content to satisfy both search engines and your customers.

04 Implementation

Push that site live! We'll test the links, shopping carts, and have you ready to go before you know it!

Do You Need A Geek?

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